Nowhere House

by i, n28

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I began constructing this album in 2012 with nothing more than a desire to express sounds and textures that I found to be interesting and unusual. Over the following few years leading to the present time, numerous events (some particularly bizarre, and others even supernatural) happened in my personal life that would shape the theme of the album into something more conceptual. Nowhere House is ultimately, my attempt to make a tasty stew out of these events and resulting cognitive processes (some related, some unrelated), and to use them as best therapeutically as I am able. The DSM-V is probably more of an influence on this album than anything else.

This project is something that has been extremely liberating, as I have no others to answer to during the process of writing. At the same time, it’s been extremely scary, as I do this alone, and often found myself investigating and writing about concepts that I didn’t intend to initially explore, at least not to some of the depths that I did, anyway . Whether they are of a personal nature or vicarious musings, or both, the result for me has been very powerful in many, many ways. Please press play, and judge accordingly. - n.j.w.


released October 6, 2015

i, n28: nowhere house

written and produced by nathan j. weber

recorded at home (sioux falls) and synectix studios (valley springs) by nathan j. weber and jason krull

mixed and mastered by jason krull at synectix studios

vocals, synthesizers, keyboards, theremin, piano, drums, programming, random noises, sampling, acoustic, electric and bass guitars performed by nathan j. weber

additional personnel:

supplemental vocals on "alone with an eternal perspective" performed by krystal weber

guitar on "alone with an eternal perspective" performed by jason krull

i, n28 is nathan j. weber, sometimes krystal weber, and eventually mike pelton.

much gratitude to the following for their ongoing encouragement, interest, and support: krystal weber, jason "d.j.j.k." krull, mike pelton, tina hyde, jessica kaiser, fr. james morgan, echo bird, roxy ann, lucy goose, peach pie, and anyone who takes the time to truly listen.

"you'll be sorry" contains portions of "the jonestown death tape" (fbi no. q 042: usage: attribution-share alike 3.0), and "planet about to be recycled" (used courtesy of the TELAH foundation).

for phaser, mazie, and tyree, true friends eternal (r.i.p.)

copyright 2015 nathan j weber. all rights reserved



all rights reserved


i, n28 Sioux Falls, South Dakota

The concept for i, n28 is primarily a result of my having great access to a large number of tools for creating music and a desire to exercise ideas in my head accrued throughout many years without any other feasible way to do so. After spending my twenties as a drumming nomad in Sioux Falls, I found myself dwelling on a lot of my own ideas that had not been formally expressed. ... more

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Track Name: Alone With An Eternal Perspective
Another banner year in the USA, no guilt, no shame
In the cities under lens handshakes are made, maybe seen by the NSA
Paxil-proud, medicated for a 4g day
I hear old souls scream beneath me: “you fuckers got it way too easy, and don’t have much to show from storing movies in clouds”
I stop, cut it, and then I got to thinking that the soul needs more than a life in HD
And everything’s gotten so fucking PC, or is it me?
Does the apple fall far from the tree? Am I cynical?
Well maybe there’s good reason to be
But you can count the bats in the belfry while they circle your head and you post your selfies to the wall of shame, the wall of the dead
I can’t judge cause I got an endless loop in my head
A disconnect from all the bandwidth, the culture shock from culture vanished
I follow the stars, I follow Christ, I search the night and I abuse technology
I redefine atrocity, address the colony, and behold the death of privacy

You can't really have my heart, you can only have my head
I don't have a good defense but you can maybe have my head
This isn’t the time, it can’t be the time
This isn’t the time, no it can’t be the time

The seas of indifference, the plains of silence
Entitlement, cockle shells, boredom and violence
Anxiety epidemics born of absolute zero
The devised dis-assembly of your biggest hero
These pill bottles never seem to list the greatest risks
Serotonin calms fears of threats that don’t exist
Still taken every day in cold worship, and powered by circuits
The board is soldered, the bored are fucking ruthless
Common sense replaced with so much self-love and eternal indifference
Indifference to the only other ones, we’re taught that we can’t trust

You can only take my head, bring hellfire from the heavens
Bring meaning to the meaningless, before time runs out, before the ships all sail away
Track Name: Such Violent Surveillance
My throat is a compound in the corners of night
She's awake and alone just a few houses down
I bled out this weekend, American thighs
Sucked out in splendor, nothing comes as surprise
I've grown accustomed to the wages of sin,
but I never record things 'cause it cheapens the thrill
I trace the shadows, and memorize objects
I do it just for you

The fury of God, the muscle of sex
The end of the world, the summer night air
The violence provides the melting of time
The shame in the urge and an empty, old stare

And I can see through your eyes, I can see through your blinds
I have been watching you, I have been watching you
I can see through your eyes, I can see through your blinds
I have been watching you
God I love watching.....losing track of time

My throat is a compound.....always
My throat is a compound.....always
My throat is a compound wrapped in all this heat, but I never record it

The glare of the glass, an image profound
It speaks in rhythms to the hell in my head
It triples in number, and paints on the lenses
She never will know, she never will care

The days that persist, the delicate sounds
of light, little footsteps and judgmental smiles
The weight of the world, the fools that rush in
The patterns of drapery, always burned in my mind

And I can see through your eyes, I can see through your blinds
I have been watching you, I have been watching you
I can see through your eyes, I can see through your blinds
I have been watching you, God I love watching you
I have been watching you, God I love watching when I meet those eyes.....
Track Name: Doing The Math On Hell
There's something in the woods, children.
There's something in the woods.
Track Name: You'll Be Sorry
At the fire behind the barn
Tonight we ascend...
Gonna speak in tongues, gonna speak in tongues, gonna speak in tongues and find the light at the end

I bet they see us for miles
Look at the camera with the glowing eye
Waiting for the air to burn now...
Another standoff with the F.B.I.

Speak, speak tongue talker!!

And what about mind control?

I guess we've lost our heads......
But brothers, just in a metaphysical sense!
Not a schism, or a heresy when it's all so clear to me!!

You've been a son, a vessel, a father, a gun, a fluid so pure....
The sharpest kind of knife in the circle of life
An "X" on the map of the oncoming strife
And tonight.....praise above!!
The weather is fair....
The hour is nigh, the sheep no longer blind, but keep a mindful eye on those across the line......

Speak, speak tongue talker!!

Once more clear the fence line
Broadcast, we're going live....
The livestock turn their heads away, but they're speaking in tongues!
They're speaking in tongues!!!
Track Name: The Undefended Now
Up the road, its glowing eyes await
A question of faith, a terrible thing to waste
And it preys on you, does the harm outweigh the good?
Burn on, burn on, so goes the dark night of the soul
Track Name: Miles Beyond Miles
Blessed are we, gone away into the night
And blessed are we, to be taken from this life from which we derived
Blessed is my friend, holy winter come alive
And blessed is my friend, only to know that you're alright....but maybe surprised

Elegant creature, I'm miles beyond miles from your grave
Not today.....await that someday....

Left of the pasture, only the soul knows where to go
And right of man's ego, lost in all we think we know
We reap what we sow.....
Blessed is my friend, taken across the water's side
And blessed is my friend, just before the shores arrive
Solemn prayers we abide

Unfinished travels, greater lengths we have to cross, killing loss.....
We prepare.........I'll meet you there

Forever beyond this life......
Head, heart and soul, please believe.......

An end...a start.....
No more miles walked apart......
I will, I'll meet you there..........